About Us

Service Process

1. Onsite consultation and perform survey to know the client needs.

2. Deployment of security officers, equipments (e.g. walkie-talkies), patrol system, clocking device installation and data monitoring.

3. Continuous onsite training, audits, spot checks, risk assessment, meetings with managing agents, and customer satisfaction.

4. Provide continual support to the Managing Agent on security services.

Site Operation Support

24/7 – Site visits by Operation Manager and continuous monitoring of officers on duty.

24/7 – Operation room officer will advice on any site security matters.

24/7 – CCTV monitoring and made available to view on mobile application.

24/7 – Deployment of officers at duty site.

24/7 – Incident reporting and advice on management of situations at site.



We pride ourselves, as Regional Security yearly takes part in the Annual Grading Exercise conducted by Singapore Police Force (PLRD).

We strive relentlessly to be a good performer.